Introducing Roundhill BIG ETFs.

What are Roundhill BIG ETFs?

Roundhill BIG ETFs are designed to provide a new way to gain exposure to the most relevant stocks in various equity sectors, including:

  • Banks
  • Tech
  • Defense
  • Oil & Gas
  • Airlines
  • Rail

The structure is unique in that the ETFs will be concentrated in only a handful of underlying names, providing exposure to the most liquid and prominent companies in a given sector. To learn more, download a copy of our latest filing here.

Why Roundhill BIG ETFs?

Roundhill’s suite of BIG ETFs may be utilized by different types of investors for several different reasons, such as:

  • Long term investments: For example, investors may prefer the “pure” sector betas offered via Roundhill BIG ETFs when compared to other funds whose underlying investments include smaller cap holdings and ancillary exposures.
  • Tactical trading vehicles: Roundhill BIG ETFs are all comprised of highly-liquid underlying equities, and may be optimal for trading around various events, such as macro events, industry-level headlines, or company earnings.
  • Hedging tools: Due to their concentrated nature, Roundhill BIG ETFs may be optimal for hedging single-security risk. For example, if an investor is long or short a single stock, they may look to utilize Roundhill BIG ETFs for offsetting exposure in an attempt to isolate idiosyncratic risk.

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