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Generative AI ETF

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Invest in companies writing the Generative AI future

Generative AI has the potential to disrupt every industry on the planet. $CHAT ETF is the first to offer exposure to globally-listed companies who are actively involved in Generative AI technologies.

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$CHAT ETF is about generating more
than buzz

A world first

$CHAT is the first ETF globally to focus on generative artificial intelligence technology.

30+ holdings in 1

This ETF offers exposures to global companies actively involved in developing Generative AI technologies.

Publicly traded

$CHAT ETF is publicly traded on the NYSE Arca Exchange-offering intraday liquidity to investors.

Why Generative AI?
Here's your answer.


Estimated Total Addressable Market for Enterprise Generative AI1


Global economic growth driven by AI by 20302

60 days

Time for OpenAI's ChatGPT to reach 100 million users3

Sources:1Roundhill, 2GAI TAM, 3Bloomberg

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