Date of Update: 2/16/2021


Ticker: 4308 JP

Theme: Streaming

Country: Japan

Sector: Media & Entertainment

Universe: Roundhill Streaming Universe

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Company Description:

J-Stream was the first company in Japan to offer streaming services for media companies, starting back in 1997. The firm, which caters solely to domestic customers, operates several group companies that specialize in separate parts of the streaming ecosystem. Offerings include a content delivery network, video production, online advertising services, VR & AR solutions, and even telemedicine technology. By providing a number of interlinked services, J-Stream is a one-stop shop for clients interested in creating or enhancing their streaming strategy.

3 Company Facts:

  • J-Stream consists of the parent company and five group companies, which all provide different services and solutions.
  • The company has the largest market share in Japanese online video streaming, with $111 million in revenues for the TTM period ending 12/31/20.1
  • J-Stream covers 4 of the 5 major TV commercial networks in Japan, as well as the public broadcasting service NHK.

3 Industry Facts:

  • The global video streaming market is expected to expand at a 21.0% CAGR from 2021 to 2028, according to Grand View Research.2
  • There are more than 171 million VR users worldwide, and in the US, 78% of Americans are familiar with the technology.3
  • Streaming video accounted for over 65% of mobile traffic by volume in 2020.4

3 Key Metrics:

  • Customer Retention and Acquisition
  • Revenue Growth
  • Online Advertising Growth

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities.

Notable Brands:

BIGM2Y (Digital Medicine)
Crossco (Marketing & Video Production)
J Creative Works
J Creative Works (Website/Player Design)
CO3 (Streaming Media Business Development)