Introducing the Stonks App

by Tim Maloney / January 26th, 2020

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of the Stonks App. The rest of the investment world wants you to believe investing is both private and boring. We believe investing is social and, approached with the right mindset, exciting!

Stonks is a social community for investors.

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Before diving into what the Stonks App is, it’s helpful to understand the company behind the app: Roundhill Investments. If you’re already familiar with our business, you can probably skip this part.

We started Roundhill in 2018 with a theory that the next generation of investors differed in important ways from the generations that came before them. While we are still early in this journey, early indications are that we’re right.

Our mission is really to serve this generation of investors, something we’re currently doing through exchange traded funds (ETFs) that invest in themes we think they care about (us included). Taking into account what we’ve learned thus far in building that business, we believe the Stonks App can help better serve these investors moving forward.

(For a bit more on Roundhill and the journey so far, including our attitude toward “building in public”, check out this piece I wrote in December).

What is Stonks?

So, what is the Stonks App? We think about it as a social layer on top of your personal investment behavior. How each person uses it will depend on the person, a fact that we’ve kept in mind when building the MVP.

Speaking frankly, the direction we take the app from here is going to depend, in large part, on how people are using it. Our goal here is to provide something of value to the self-directed investors in our audience - while we have a theory as to what this audience wants, we plan to lean on actual user behavior moving forward.


The MVP has 6 main features that we believe will bring value to users. They are:

  1. Activity Feed - a feed of community member investments and activity.
  2. StonksTrack - insights into the investments of the entire Stonks community.
  3. Chat - direct messages and reactions to user activity.
  4. User Profiles - your holdings, performance, and more!
  5. Security Pages - activity in each security and details on community ownership.
  6. Community - performance of securities holdings over various time periods.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll write a little bit more on each feature, how we think it can bring value to users, and what questions we’re trying to answer when looking at early usage data.

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Future Features

Moving forward, there are a few features we’d like to build sooner rather than later. Included on this short-list are:

  1. Sentiment Polls
  2. Groups (public and private)
  3. Follower / Following
  4. Real-time Data
  5. Trade Notifications

Which features we actual build will depend on, you guessed it, usage data and user feedback.

Next Steps

In keeping with our company-wide goal of greater transparency, I’ll be keeping everyone who is interested abreast via email. Make sure to sign-up for the Stonks App email distribution at


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